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Dog stabbed repeatedly and throat cut in horrific ‘attempted murder’ attack


A dog was stabbed and had his throat slashed in a horrific attack branded ‘attempted murder.’

Rottweiler Rocky was rushed into surgery after the savage attack where vets had to remove part of his jaw, Lancashire Live reports.

The seven-year-old pooch is one of two pets that were attacked and left fighting for their lives at the same stables in north Lancashire.

Owner Anji Sanderson, 56, found her beloved pet wandering around the yard with stab wounds in his chest, thigh and side and a four-inch slash to his throat.

Police are now investigating the area but no arrests have been made.

Anji, who described Rocky as a trusting gentle giant, feared he would not pull through and now worries for her own safety.

She said: “This was attempted murder. Someone has tried to kill my dog.

“I know that Rocky was asleep in his bed when this happened, to go into a dog’s bed, stab them multiple times and slit their throat, it’s just horrific.

“The vet has confirmed that it was attempted murder, if that cut was any deeper Rocky would be a dead dog, that is what is so upsetting.

“They have targeted him. Nothing else on the yard was touched or stolen.

“It is a worry that I will be attacked. I have a lot of health problems and I feel that makes me an easy target.”

Anji, from Blackpool, owns several animals, including horses, a pig and nine rescue dogs.

She keeps some of her dogs at seven-acre yard which she rents in Poulton-le-Fylde where they are free to roam.

Early on September 17, Anji arrived there with her daughter Caitlin Sanderson to find that somebody had broken in.

She said: “I got a bit panicky because the main gate had been left open. As we got closer I said ‘someone has been down here.’

“You could see the tyre tracks, a four-by-four or a van had been down at the yard. Then I saw that the heavy duty padlock and chain on the gate were gone.”

Anji and her daughter went into the yard to find that their other Rottweiler, Tia, was limping, having sustained an injury to one of her legs.

She then spotted Rocky and spotted a gash in his side when he turned away.

She said: “He had one on his other side too, a gash down his thigh and another on his chest.

“I didn’t even notice the wound across his throat at that point.”

Rocky was immediately rushed into theatre with at least four stabs wounds, a deep four inch cut to his throat and trauma to his jaw and head.

The following day, he had part of his jaw removed when vets noticed that several of his teeth had been pulled out.

Anji said: “We didn’t know for a time if he was going to survive.

“Rocky is such a gentle dog, he wouldn’t have even retaliated when he was attacked.

“We had a children’s party here last year and he was allowed out amongst all the kids, that’s how gentle he is.

“He’s so trusting. Even now at the vets he’s still friendly and they didn’t even have to muzzle him when they inspected his wounds.”

Rocky may have to undergo a third surgery after two of his stab wounds opened up again.

Friends have launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Rocky’s treatment.

Lancashire Constabulary are investigating the attack.


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