Dr. Radha: Take some time to look in the mirror and reflect on yourself.


Dr. Radha: Take some time to really look in the mirror and reflect on yourself.

We all absorb a story about who we are as children – a self-perception.

We get carried away if we don’t question, notice, and see ourselves in the present moment.

Small decisions can sometimes cause you to reflect.

It was the same for me the other day when I was choosing a treadmill to run on in my gym that was directly across from a mirror.

I often run outside and have thoughts of wanting to give up, telling myself that I can’t do it, or that I should just stop.

I usually keep running, but every now and then I stop and listen to those thoughts, take too much notice, and give up.

I realized in that gym, while running in front of that mirror, that I didn’t stop because I could see myself and look myself in the eye.

I didn’t pay attention to those thoughts, and I didn’t believe I couldn’t succeed.

Indeed, seeing myself in the mirror allowed me to motivate myself, see how well I was running, and speak encouragingly to myself.

For a lot of people, things are tough right now in a lot of ways.

Many people I know have had significant problems with their health, their job, their finances, or their relationships in the last few weeks.

Many of the people I know and the patients I see are dealing with major changes in multiple aspects of their lives.

We don’t always realize how brave and resilient we are, or how amazing we are in the midst of it all.

We can’t or won’t see ourselves for who we really are or who we’re becoming as a result of our struggles.

The ability to see ourselves has enormous power.

In a mirror, a shop window reflection, a photograph, a video, and how others perceive us.

They all provide opportunities for us to pause and take notice.

They allow us to reflect on ourselves and our lives through their reflection. Do you really see yourself? What can a mirror show you that you may have forgotten?

Have you ever caught yourself staring at yourself in the mirror?

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Dr. Radha: Take some time to really look in the mirror and reflect on yourself.

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Dr Radha: Take time to really look in the mirror and do some self-reflection

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