Drug gangs ‘dress up youngsters as Deliveroo drivers to deliver cocaine and heroin’


DRUG gangs have been dressing helpless youngsters as Deliveroo drivers or nurses to deliver cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs, a senior cop has said. 

Supt Andy O’Connor of Merseyside police said drug lords in Liverpool were running a ”click and collect” service for couriers dressed as key workers.

The senior copper added that lockdown has made it harder for gangs to move cash and drugs around the country.

He told The Guardian: ““The majority of our crime groups had to come back into force, to come back to the Liverpool and Merseyside area. 

“What you still had in the importing forces was the demand for class A drugs. In a way, what we saw was a ‘click and collect’ service for drugs. 

“What we had, anecdotally, was people leaving the area to deliver drugs. 

“People were dressed as key workers, we’ve got evidence to show there were people stop-checked purporting to be nurses or Deliveroo drivers. 

“Crime groups are clever and ingenious. They still want to deliver their commodity, there’s still a significant amount of money to make.”

Supt O’Connor added that youngsters from Merseyside have been picked up by police as far away as Aberdeen in Scotland and the south coast of England. 

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