Drunken yob with knife held up local takeaway threatening he’d ‘cut’ staff unless he was given ‘free’ £1.60 bag of chips


A KNIFE-wielding yob held up his local ­takeaway, threatening to “cut” staff unless they gave him a “free” £1.60 bag of chips

Drunken Matthew Hawkins, 19, banged the nine-inch blade on the counter before leaving, vowing to rob the shop next door.

Hawkins began shouting at staff while making “stabbing motions” with a knife.

Staff tried to placate him by saying he could pay for chips – but Hawkins shouted: “I want free chips. Hurry up or I’m going to cut you.”

The terrifying stand-off lasted some 15 minutes before Hawkins walked out saying: “I’m going to f***ing rob next door – then I’m coming back for my chips.”

Cops arrested him after a takeaway worker shut him in the shop.

They found Hawkins banging on the front door, and shouting: “Give me my f***ing chips”.

Hawkins, of Swansea, admitted two robbery bids and possessing a blade and got three years’ custody at the city’s crown court.

Judge Paul Thomas QC told Hawkins he must have “frightened the living daylights” out of his victims by his drunken actions.

He said: “The courts have a duty to protect workers in small businesses who were vulnerable to such attacks.”

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