Dutch backpacker Maron de Rooij finds sinister network of secret cameras in bedrooms and bathroom 


A Dutch tourist claims he found a network of hidden cameras and microphones in his room while doing farm work in Australia.

Maron de Rooij, 26, said he took the job after stumbling upon a ‘promising ‘ Facebook post advertising employment for a male backpacker with Animal Ark Transport.

In return for driving farm animals around Queensland, he was provided free on-site accommodation in the Glasshouse Mountains. 

Keen to tour Australia, Mr de Rooij successfully applied for the position after reading the ad, which he said ‘made the job look like fun’.

He was called by company manager Conrad Cosgrove, who has since been charged with recordings in breach of privacy and possession of tainted property.

‘I contacted him and he gave me a call straight away,’ Mr de Rooij told Daily Mail Australia. 

Mr de Rooij arrived at the accommodation and was shown to a ‘cosy’ room complete with a queen-sized bed and ensuite bathroom.

The first thing Cosgrove pointed out was an infrared light in the ceiling, which he said was a bug repellent, but which Mr de Rooij alleges was actually a hidden camera. 

Mr de Rooij alleged there were also cameras hidden in walls, shelves, bird statues and in the bathroom, along with one microphone.

‘But I couldn’t do anything,’ Mr de Rooij said.

‘I was in a remote area and there was no reception.’ 

‘I went to bed and hid under the covers to try and call my cousin in Australia so she could call the police,’ he said. 

‘I didn’t know if there was a microphone and if he would be able to hear me talking.’

Mr de Rooij had to wait until the morning when police finally arrived to investigate the incident. 

The Dutch national is currently living with relatives in Eumundi in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Animal Ark Transport for comment. 

In a statement to the Sunshine Coast Daily, the business strongly denied any wrongdoing.

‘The original Facebook post made by the backpacker contains video showing nothing more than corrugated tin, which has hundreds of holes in it for decorative effect,’ the statement reads.

‘The regular haters and keyboard warriors of the Facebook world have resurfaced and taken great pleasure spreading this.

‘Is there legal grounds for a case of defamation of character here? Most likely yes, but what’s the point? Mud sticks and the damage is done.’

Cosgrove was charged after police searched the property and a computer.

He will appear before Maroochydore Magistrates Court on June 20.

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