EastEnders star Gillian Taylforth’s ex shot in stomach after confronting gangsters who threatened to burn down her house


THE ex-fiancé of EastEnder Gillian Taylforth has been shot in the stomach as he confronted gangsters threatening to burn down her house.

Dave Fairbairn, currently on police bail over an alleged cannabis factory at his home, has recently told friends of death threats aimed at both him and the actress.

One said: “There have been people warning Dave they’ll go after Gillian and burn down her home to get to him.

“Dave wanted it sorted out at a meeting on Sunday evening.

“There were raised voices, an argument and then the gun went off. He’s been a very lucky boy.

Fairbairn, 64, was shot at close range in Enfield, North London.

He had a lucky escape as the bullet missed major organs.

Fairbairn was stable in hospital on Monday after surgery to remove the bullet.

Gillian, also 64, was said to be in shock after being told of the shooting.

They called off their wedding in December but have remained close.

Police allegedly found 1,000 cannabis plants at his home in Arrington, Cambs, in April.

The car park of the Toby Carvery was cordoned off. The shooting is said to have been in woodland next to the car park at around 7pm.

Police have been interviewing Fairbairn’s neighbours.

One said: “They were asking about Dave.

“They said he wasn’t in any trouble but couldn’t tell us why they were asking about him.

“We know he was in trouble in April with the drugs bust.

“Not long after he was knocking on people’s doors explaining everything was a big misunderstanding.

“If you live round here you know not to bother him. You really don’t want to mix in his circles.”

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