EINSTEIN is smarter than a 12-year-old boy who only learned English five years ago.


EINSTEIN is smarter than a 12-year-old boy who has only known English for five years.

Einstein is smarter than a five-year-old boy who only learned English five years ago.

Daniel Yang, 12, received the highest possible score on a Mensa test.

Last year’s score of 162, the highest possible for an 11-year-old boy, outperforms Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ of 160.

Daniel, who aspires to attend Oxford University, scored in the top 1% of those who took the Mensa test, which assesses logic, reasoning, verbal intelligence, vocabulary, and math skills.

He and his family moved to Birmingham from China when he was seven years old.

“I couldn’t speak English and felt a bit left out,” Daniel told The Sun.

It took me a long time to adjust, but I now enjoy my surroundings.

“I put in a lot of effort when it comes to studying and working.”

I used to do it when I lived in China, and I’ve kept doing it since then.

When my results came back, I was ecstatic.

It has a unique aura about it.

Math, problem solving, and vocabulary tests are all things that I enjoy doing.

They are fantastic.

“I am ecstatic.”

I enjoy putting myself to the test and doing things like this.

“I’m very pleased with myself.

It’s a huge accomplishment; I’ve seen other kids finish the test but not receive the same results as me.”

“We’re really proud parents,” Daniel’s business manager father, Tom, 40, said.

It’s incredible.

“He’s a genius,” says the narrator.

Mensa is a club for people with IQs in the top 2%, which was founded in Oxford in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and Bill Clinton, three US presidents, received scores of 128, 160, and 137, respectively.

It was 145 for Napoleon and 156 for Sigmund Freud.

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