El Salvador begins to inoculate teachers against COVID-19 with Chinese-made vaccines


SAN SALVADOR, March 30 (Xinhua) — El Salvador on Tuesday began to inoculate teachers against COVID-19 using vaccines made by Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac.

“Safety measures are important, so it doesn’t mean that because we have the vaccine we are going to be neglectful. On the contrary, we must always take care of ourselves for the good of all,” Professor Mario Centeno told Xinhua after getting the shot.

On Sunday, El Salvador received the first batch of vaccines from Sinovac, hoping to accelerate the inoculation of its population, which began on Feb. 17 with the first phase among doctors, nurses and health workers.

The government also intends to give priority to all education workers so that the country can resume in-person classes with greater security on April 6.

El Salvador has reported 64,431 cases and 2,006 deaths from COVID-19, the country’s Health Ministry said Monday. Enditem


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