Elderly grandmother sold huge 4WD TRUCK by car salesman that she can’t drive


A great-grandmother who uses a walking frame and suffers from memory loss has been left housebound after she was sold a massive 4WD truck that she can’t drive.

The woman’s family say the 83-year-old was ‘duped’ by a salesman into making the purchase.

They claim the salesman at a dealership in Bundaberg convinced the elderly woman spend her entire life savings on the car.

‘She can’t even get in it,’ her daughter told A Current Affair.

She said her mother was at a retirement village when the salesman turned up with the truck to sell. 

Even though she was using her walking frame and needed help to get into the vehicle, she was still sold the car. 

‘Mum won’t even look at the car because it’s too distressing… she ended up in hospital the other day, it’s caused a lot of stress for her,’ the woman’s daughter said.

She said she feels that her mother has been ‘duped’.

‘I could wring his neck… take the car back and give us our money back,’ the elderly woman said.

The family have been pleading for help as the elderly woman is desperate for a refund. 

The family confronted the salesman, demanding a refund for the car and asking him if he ‘had a conscience’. 

An employee of the car dealership could then be seen closing the door on the family and the camera crew.   


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