Election 2020 Poll: Trump Erases Biden’s 5-Point Lead In Texas


President Donald Trump has erased Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead in Texas with a new survey showing the former vice president now trails behind Trump by two points.

The poll released by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler on Sunday shows Trump now leading Biden 48% to 46% among likely voters. The report, which comes two months before the November election, showed Biden’s modest 5-point lead evaporate among Texans. 

White voters primarily drive Trump’s lead. Biden’s support is high among Hispanic and Black voters. Sixty percent of white likely voters said they back Trump, while 58% of Hispanic likely voters and 87% of Black likely voters support the former vice president. 

The race among all registered voters currently leans toward the Democratic presidential nominee, however. The survey showed 44% supported Biden and 43% backed Trump. 

The poll, conducted between August 28 to September 2, involved more than 1,170 registered voters. It has a margin of error of 2.87 percentage points for the respondents in the group. For the 901 likely voters, the margin of error is 3.26 percentage points. 

The turnaround has been well received by the Republicans, who are unlikely to control the White House without winning in the Texas state, The Dallas Morning News noted.

Republican nominees have always won Texas since 1976. However, Democrats are pushing it as a battleground state in the upcoming election. 

The Texas Tribune reported Biden’s campaign has already made fall TV ad reservations in the state. While it remains to be seen how the ads will affect the elections, Democrats hope that it will put Texas on track to flip for the first time since 1976. 

Trump carried Texas by 9 points four years ago. It was the smallest margin of victory that a Republican nominee got in Texas since 1996. 


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