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Election 2020 Polls: 83% Of Orthodox Jews To Vote For Trump


A new poll published Wednesday found that most Orthodox Jews in the U.S. plan to back President Donald Trump in the presidential election on Nov. 3. 

According to a survey by Ami Magazine, 83% of Orthodox Jews said they would vote for Trump, while 13% will support Democratic challenger Joe Biden, and 4% remain undecided. 

The poll also found that 76% believe the mainstream media has been unfair in its coverage of Trump. Fourteen percent said the media coverage was mostly fair, and 10% said they were unsure. 

The Ami Magazine poll surveyed 1,000 Orthodox Jews from 22 states, including New York, Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. The survey had a margin of error of 3.1%. 

New York, New Jersey and other Democratic-run states have the largest Orthodox Jews concentration, Times of Israel noted. This gives them very little influence in blue states. 

However, there are also thousands of Orthodox Jews living in crucial battleground states, including Florida and Pennsylvania. Both states are an crucial factor as their electoral college votes could decide who wins on Nov. 3. 

The Pew Research Center also released a poll of the Jewish vote in the upcoming presidential election. The survey found that 70% of American Jews said they would support Biden, while 27% said they would vote for Trump. 

Thirty-five percent of Jewish Americans also said they approve of the job Trump has done in office, including recognizing Israeli territorial claims and pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement. 

The Pew Research Center poll also surveyed other religious groups, including Black Protestants, White Protestants, Hispanic Catholics and Atheists. 

According to the Sept. 30 to Oct. 5 survey, Trump leads Biden by 8 percentage points among White Catholic voters, 10 percentage points among White Protestants, and 61 percentage points among White Evangelical Protestants. 

Meanwhile, former Vice President Biden is favored by 90% of Black Protestants, 70% of Jews and 67% of Hispanic Catholics. He is also the preferred candidate among registered voters who are atheists, agnostics and people not affiliated with any religion. 

The poll was conducted after Trump announced his coronavirus diagnosis. The survey was also based on the answers of 10,542 U.S. registered voters across all states. 


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