Election full list: 8 Remainers KICKED out of seats for NOT listening to Britain


ELECTION 2019 concluded with a bang for the UK’s most prominent political parties, as the Labour-Conservative divide grows to historic levels. Which remain politicians lost their seats?

Remain vs Leave was the central focus of this year’s election, as Boris Johnson sought to “Get Brexit Done” and deliver Parliament from the ongoing deadlock. The Prime Minister’s new-found majority will give him unprecedented control over the Brexit timetable, and many remain-voting politicians have now been driven from their constituencies.

Which remain politicians lost their seats in 2019?

The main Brexit issue over the last two years has been passing a withdrawal agreement through Parliament.

Several MPs on both sides of Commons who objected to the bill’s contents voted down the proposed deals in Parliament, despite representing majority leave voting constituencies.

Those MPs, many of whom voted to remain in the EU, have been accused of perverting the course of Brexit, and even called “traitors”, although their reasons likely went deeper than the referendum result.

Among some of the MPs who voted down the deal on its several paths through Parliament were prominent politicians, many of whom lost their seats today.

These prominent Remain-voting MPs failed to keep their seats in 2019:

Liberal Democrats

– Jo Swinson

– Chuka Umunna

– Luciana Berger


– Sue Hayman

– Laura Pidcock

– Dennis Skinner


– Dominic Grieve

– (Former) Anna Soubry

Of those who lost their seats today, the most prominent was Jo Swinson, who only took leadership of the Liberal Democrats in July.

Throughout her career, she oversaw prominent Labour MPs join the ranks of her party and explicitly geared the Liberal Democrats towards stopping Brexit.

Today, she lost her East Dunbartonshire constituency to the SNP by little more than 100 votes.

Ms Swinson will no longer serve as an MP and has given up her position as head of the Liberal Democrats.

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Speaking after her resignation, the former MP declared she had no regrets about fighting to remain in the EU.

She said: “I don’t regret trying to save our children’s future in Europe

“I’m proud in this election to have fought for what millions of people in this country believe is best for our country – remaining in the European Union.

“I don’t regret trying – because the prize was to save our future – our children’s future in Europe.”

Currently, it is unclear as to who will replace her, but prospective frontrunners are emerging.

One of the current favourites is the party’s deputy leader Sir Ed Davey, the Kingston and Surbiton MP who served under Ms Swinson.

According to bedmakers Ladbrokes, he is on odds of 11/10 to take the helm of the Liberal Democrats.

Close behind him on odds of 7/4 is Layla Moran, the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon since 2017 who was favoured to lead the party after Sir Vince Cable stepped down.

Other potential leaders are Wera Hobhouse (10/1), Christine Jardine (16/1) and Sarah Olney (16/1).

Which remain politicians lost their seats in 2019?

Liberal Democrats




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