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ELECTION 2019 is officially underway, as polling stations opened at 7am today, giving people 13 hours to vote in their choice for Prime Minister. Can I vote without a polling card?

Election 2019 voting started this morning, as locations across the country opened their doors at 7am. People will arrive in droves at polling stations over the next 13 hours, crowding outside to choose their next MP.

Can I vote without a polling card?

People were able to register to vote for this year’s election immediately following the announcement in late October.

Those who signed up via Gov.uk will have received a polling card, which directs them to their nearest polling station, within a matter of weeks.

Polling cards also serve as a form of identification on election day and are handed in to the local station before the vote.

While everyone who registers to vote is entitled to a polling card, not everyone will get one.

The cards are delivered to people’s doorsteps, meaning they can get lost on the way.

Others may have misplaced the piece of card somewhere at home, and can’t find it in time to vote.

While this may seem like a nightmare scenario for many dedicated voters, it is not the end of the world.

People who are registered but have no polling card on election day can still vote.

Non-cardholders only need to provide their name and address to the polling station staff when they arrive to vote before they get a voting slip.

Providing further identification is only necessary in Northern Ireland.

Those unsure as to where they can cast their vote can find out by calling their local electoral services.

When people supply their name and address to polling station staff today, they get a ballot paper.

The ballot paper lists each candidate standing in the local area, which people then take into a polling booth.

In the privacy of the booth, voters are provided with a pencil to vote, and they must choose their preferred candidate by pencilling an X in the box next to their name.

While most people will choose a candidate and leave, others may decide to spoil their ballot paper.

Spoiling a ballot paper is considered an act of political protest, as people can show their dissatisfaction with the choice of candidates.

The act is also legal, and spoiled ballots do not count as a vote towards any candidates.

Instead, officials count spoiled ballots together, and release an overall percentage with the election results.

Can I vote without a polling card?


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