Electrician, 25, who met his girlfriend of 10 years in kindergarten plans a surprise engagement


Dressed in a pair of denim overalls and an oversized shirt, a five-year-old Isabelle Morzone can be seen beaming up at a film camera surrounded by her fellow Kindergarten friends. 

The boy sitting next to her, who is sporting a signature 90s bowl cut hairdo and a bright red jumper, is Brisbane-born Kye Dinte.

The youngsters couldn’t have known it then, but the pair never left each other’s sides since and are now happily engaged. 

‘We have been together for nearly 10 years. We met in Kindergarten and were good friends throughout primary school, until we started dating at 15,’ Kye, now 25, told FEMAIL. 

The couple, who are keen outdoor adventurers, have toured many of Queensland’s most famous watering holes together and enjoy a weekend camping trip.

In 2016 Isabelle, who is also 25, graduated university and became a registered midwife and nurse, with Kye having already chosen his path as an electrician.

Two years later they saved up their pennies to buy a plot of land and build their forever home on it, complete with a vegetable patch that Isabelle takes regular care of.

In November 2019 the well-travelled lovebirds bought a Spoodle dog named Agnes, who has its own Instagram page, completing their family unit. 

But something was missing. 

A few days later on November 16, with Isabelle still besotted by their pup, Kye added another element to their Hollywood movie-type romance with a surprise engagement. 

‘I’ve wanted to marry Isabelle for as long as I can remember. We were busy building our house and our lives together before I started organising the ring,’ he said. 

Under the guise of helping their friends at YouFoodz with a promotional photoshoot, Isabelle and Kye were invited to sit down on a ready-made picnic and take photos for the meal delivery company. 

‘I chose this moment because I wanted it to be a surprise and I can’t get much past Isabelle,’ Kye said.

‘I had to plan the finest details so she wouldn’t suspect anything. I chose this location as Isabelle is obsessed with the outdoors and picnics.’

Saying he was ‘absolutely s***ting himself’ before popping the question, Kye managed to utter the ‘most beautiful things’ to Isabelle, things they want to keep between the two of them forever.  

‘I can honestly say I had no idea,’ Isabelle said. ‘I have done a similar thing in the past for our friend so did not think anything of it when he asked us to do a “photoshoot”. It was such a normal day, until it wasn’t.’

Photos of the moment Kye reveals the ring box have been caught on camera, just like their meeting as five-year-old’s.

Isabelle’s pure shock registers on her face in real time as the frames capture the moment 20 years in the making.

They hope to tie the knot by 2021 and continue their love story for decades to come.


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