Electrician fired after putting out message at school to move car with reg ‘NE1 4ABJ’ wins unfair dismissal case


A RUDE electrician fired after asking a school to put a message out to move a car with the reg “NE1 4ABJ” has won an unfair dismissal case.

Cheeky apprentice Nathan O’Hare, 19, was sacked following a string of complaints about his pranks and potty mouth.

He was working for a schools contractor but some heads asked the firm not to send the joker to their sites.

One labelled him a “danger to pupils”.

His bosses repeatedly warned him about his antics, including asking the receptionist to put out the rude car message at Lydiate primary, Merseyside.

QD Services finally fired him when he was accused of leaving screws which a child nearly choked on.

But a Liverpool employment tribunal ruled the teen, of Bootle, Merseyside, was unfairly dismissed because he did not get a chance to answer the fresh allegation.

Judge Nicky Benson found that the allegations against O’Hare were true “on the balance of probabilities” and accepted they had “reasonable grounds” to sack him.

But she ruled that despite the misconduct hearing and being repeatedly warned about his behaviour he was wrongly sacked “without warning”.

She said because the reason to let him go included new allegations from other colleagues O’Hare “was entitled to have these allegations put to him in a further hearing”.

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