Endangered elephants forage for food in a dump, raising concerns about their well-being.


Endangered elephants scavenge for food in dumps, raising concerns about their safety.

ENDANGERED elephants forage for food at a dump, raising concerns about their well-being.

Two people died last weekend after ingesting plastic from an open landfill site in Pallakkadu, Sri Lanka’s eastern province.

According to local experts, this brings the total number of deaths in the last eight years to around 20.

Local scientists discovered a lot of plastic in their stomachs.

“Polythene, food wrappers, plastic, other non-digestibles, and water were the only things we could see in the postmortem,” wildlife veterinarian Nihal Pushpakumara said.

“There was no evidence of elephants eating and digesting normal food.”

Elephant numbers in the country have decreased from around 14,000 in the nineteenth century to 6,000 in 2011.

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