Epstein victims blast Ghislaine Maxwell for threatening them with gag order saying ‘you can’t silence us’


JEFFREY Epstein abuse survivors have blasted alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell for trying to impose a gag order — telling her: “You cannot silence us.”

Maxwell filed an application to a New York court moaning that she has been subjected to harmful comments from prosecutors and lawyers.

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She wants a judge to make an order stopping “further unwarranted and prejudicial pretrial publicity by the government, its agents and lawyers for alleged witnesses”.

But Lisa Bloom, representing five Epstein victims, said: “Hasn’t she done enough harm?

“Her accusers will never be silent.

“Once empowered, women never go back to victimhood.

“Those days are over, Ms Maxwell.”

Maxwell’s brief Jeffrey Pagliuca said FBI agent William Sweeney compared her to a snake by claiming she had “slithered” off to New Hampshire before her arrest.

He said in documents that the FBI chose to “invade” Maxwell’s home and “stage a media presentation” to “prejudice” her right to a fair trial.

The judge has yet to respond to Maxwell’s request filed on Tuesday.

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