Evaluate more stringent measures for the Atlantic


It is expected that this Wednesday they arrive in the city of Barranquilla, the deputy minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso, vice minister of the Interior, Daniel Palacios, and high military commanders and of police, after the call that I made to the national authorities the caucus of Senate and House of the Atlantic to face the difficult situation in the city and the department in the midst of the pandemic.

So he said to THE HERALD, senator Mauricio Gómez of the Liberal Party: “It is a meeting to address the issues of safety and health, convened by the 19 mps atlanticenses, is to ask an SOS to the National Government about what is going on in Barranquilla. I’m sure that if we get together as a department and as a city to flatten the curve of the virus of the Atlantic, we will certainly achieve.

The mayor and the governor need resources for the hospital network and the support of the public force to control the indiscipline in society, and does not rule out the militarization. Our status as capital of the Caribbean, which we are receiving patients from several departments, is an issue that the Government must take into account”.

In turn, senator Efrain Cepeda, of the Conservative Party, warned in dialogue with this half that “the rates of infection in Barranquilla and the Atlantic have led us to convene this meeting, we endorse the decisions taken by the mayor and the governor but we have the indiscipline of citizens, because there are people who do not believe that the virus from spreading and to tell those who had rumbas at the weekend that the virus is in addition to a high level of lethality. It is very important to check the rate of spread on the number of samples, that is excessive, above national averages and international. This is what we fight together and with solidarity. The call to the Government is around us, we will require the support of the Ministry of Health, because our population is 5% of the population of the country, and we have the 20% of cases”.

Meanwhile, senator Jose David Name, of The U, said before Congress: “We are New York, Madrid or Guayaquil from Colombia, Barranquilla occupied the first place of spread to the national level yesterday, and contributed 40% of the total of the dead adding to the department of the Atlantic.

In a way incomprehensible to the minister of Health in past days said that everything was very good after his visit to Barranquilla, but today we know that we lied, we said that for every 10 thousand inhabitants 26.8 are getting infected, that we are close to 90% of the coverage of the UCI and that if no decisions are made we will pass 100% of the occupation”.

We ask the president to safeguard the human life, we need your leadership, to convene a council of safety and health”. The technical table will be held from 8:00 to.m. in the facilities of the Governorate of the Atlantic and will be aired via YouTube.


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