Ex-Royal Marine leaps off mountain and flies to safety in heart stopping footage


EX-ROYAL Marine Tim Howell shows he is summit special — by leaping off a mountain.

He and a pal climbed for 6½ hours to a 13,806ft drop, then used a wing suit to fly safely down.

The Londoner’s stunt came on the south side of The Grandes Jorasses peaks between France and Italy.

Tim, 28, said: “My friend Marco and I climbed the south side of the Grandes Jorrasses, which is a range in the mont blanc massif.

“The idea was to fly from the north side over to back to where we started.

“It took two hours to get to the hut followed by six-and-a-half hours of climbing the next day. We started at 2am.

“It’s the highest altitude wing suit base jump I’ve done yet and has taken me years to get the experience to comfortably organise and execute this jump.”

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