Ex-Target employee in Brisbane bombarded manager with over 1000 calls


An ex-Target employee harassed a HR manager with over a thousand calls when she was sacked. 

Haley Jessica Turner, 29, appeared in Holland Park Magistrates Court, in Brisbane, on Friday after pleading guilty to using a carriage service to menance, harrass or cause offence.

She was placed on a $1,500, 12-month good behaviour bond but no conviction was recorded, according to the Courier Mail.

Turner made at least 1025 phone calls to a Target regional HR manager between the period of October 19 – 23, with 686 of the calls made in one day. 

The court heard Turner worked for Target without issue for 13 years before she was moved to a store in Brookside were she claimed to have been bullied before she was fired on September 17.

She has since lodged a case with the Fair Work Commission but the outcome wasn’t disclosed.

Her lawyer, Adam Moschella, told the court Turner suffered panic attacks and was stressed following her dismissal.

Mr Moschella said Turner accepted the majority of calls that came from her phone but she only remembered making about ten of them.

He argued these conditions lessened her guilt but Magistrate Simon Young disagreed.

‘This cannot be explained simply as stressed-out mode,’ he said. 

Mr Young also argued that Turner should have understood the situation she was placing the HR manager in, given she claimed to have experience with bullying in the workplace.           


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