‘Extraordinary Give’ has raised more than (dollar)14.6 million for charity.


The ‘Extraordinary Give’ campaign has raised more than (dollar)14.6 million for charity.

According to the organization’s website, nearly (dollar)15 million had been raised by Friday evening during the 2021 ‘Extraordinary Give.’

The one-day event aims to raise funds for local organizations that provide services to the community.

Up until midnight, interested donors can make a donation.

Hundreds of community members donated more than half a million dollars to help support the effort.

The Lancaster County Community Foundation, Rodgers and Associates, and The High Foundation are among the sponsors.

The annual event, which is sponsored by the Lancaster County Community Foundation, is supported by businesses, companies, and organizations.

The cause received more than 500 donations.

The event in 2021 will include a number of new prizes for organizations, including ten (dollar)5,000 prize awards to organizations working to ensure community equity.

Prizes will be awarded via a lottery drawing from a pool of participating organizations.

Extraordinary Give has raised over (dollar)63 million for regional organizations since its inception in 2012.

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