Falklands war hero, 59, shot dead by gang while defending his partner during robbery at their farm in South Africa


A FALKLANDS War hero has been shot dead defending his partner during a robbery at their farm in South Africa.

Julian Stobbs, 59, was blasted in the head and chest by the gang.

They fled with phones, laptops and jewellery leaving girlfriend Myrtle Clarke, 53, unharmed.

Brit Jules, originally from Keswick, Cumbria, died at the scene near Lanseria Airport north of Johannesburg on Friday.

In 2018 the couple won a five-year battle to legalise dope smoking.

Their Facebook page said: “The cannabis community is mourning the passing of our hero.”

Jules served with the Navy on HMS Penelope in the Falklands in 1982.

He later busked jazz outside clubs in Japan.

Fellow activist Gareth Prince said: “The murder of Julian is a huge loss to us all and I understand Myrtle is distraught and wants time alone to mourn his death.

“He will be remembered by so many people and is now a legend” he said

Chris Pappas, the Democratic Alliance spokesperson on Agriculture and Rural Development for Kwa-Zula Natal province, said: “We are shocked and appalled at these brutal murders.

“The brutality of farm attacks as well as the vulnerability of farming and rural citizens should be a top priority for the Government however true to form they deny or ignore it is happening.

“Why does the President of the country remain silent and continue to deny farm murders are happening?

“And why have these attacks and murders not been classified as hate crimes?”

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