Family ditch post-lockdown holiday after one night as seaside resort ‘like a zombie apocalypse’


A FAMILY abandoned their seaside holiday after just one night after comparing it to a ‘zombie apocalypse’.

Ian Doyle and his wife and daughter, from the Wirral, were looking forward to a three-night stay in Llandudno, Wales but claimed the area was like a ‘ghost town’.

The disappointed family said the picturesque seaside town was “absolutely deserted” and most attractions were still closed to the public.

The Doyle family said only a few hotels were open and there were huge queues for the few public toilets that were available.

Speaking to North Wales Live, Mr Doyle said: “We assumed there would be a tsunami of tourism but the town is like a scene from a zombie apocalypse.

“No hotels apart from ours seemed to be open, seafront guest houses were shut and there were no OAPs spending the grey pound that supports 50% of the town.”

The family booked their trip six weeks ago after uncertainty over the travel industry and felt it was safer to book a staycation rather than risk buying flights.

They checked into Llandudno’s Travelodge – which re-opened just before the Doyle’s arrived and hoped that they would be able to see the sights and explore the town.

We assumed there would be a tsunami of tourism but the town is like a scene from a zombie apocalypse.

But they said they found that the area’s main attractions were shut or not operating.

After just one night they decided to head home, deciding the trip wasn’t worth it.

The family were able to get to the pier but all the stalls were closed and a loud speaker would broadcast the social distancing rules, which Mr Doyle compared to a prison camp.

The family spoke of how they struggled to find a table in the few restaurants that were open, and queues for each place were “massive”.

He compared dining out to ‘musical chairs’ as other holiday makers pounced on available chairs.

Mr Doyle has expressed his worries for businesses in the town and fear Welsh Government’s cautious approach to easing lockdown will mean the town pays a heavy price.

“Even if Llandudno and other Welsh resorts re-open more fully in August, it will not leave them enough time to rescue their summers”, he said.

“Businesses in the town are going to completely miss any hope of capturing any trade,” he said.

All beaches in North Wales and Snowdonia National Park have re-opened, with car parks available.




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