Family of mum butchered into 16 pieces discover killer’s death stayed secret for six years


THE family of a mum butchered in a house of horror bloodbath told of their torment tonight after discovering her caged killer’s death stayed secret for six years.

Tragic Hazel Dix’s loved ones wrote to her once devoted husband Glyn in a psychiatric unit begging to know why he cut her into 16 pieces at their home in 2004.

But prison authorities sent the letter back marked “no longer here” with no explanation before finally disclosing last week that the monster died behind bars in 2014.

Hazel’s granddaughter Lynette, 35, of Bromsgrove, Worcs said today: “They blamed ‘data protection issues’ for the delay when they finally told us in a phone call.

“We wanted him dead years ago but have been denied the closure we desperately wanted.

“I lived with him and my nan for a time and always thought they were a loving affectionate couple – then he killed her in a way which has given us nightmares ever since.

“He never explained why he did it and it’s a blessing that he’s gone, but it’s disgraceful that the authorities didn’t bother to tell us sooner.

“I just hope my nan managed to get her hands on him before he went to hell.”

Dix died six years ago aged 60 at Liverpool’s Ashworth Mental Hospital after being given a full life term for a killing mirroring the script of a horror movie.

Tragic Hazel, 54, was found butchered at her home in Redditch, Worcs by her own children in June 2004 with the killer standing naked over her remains clutching a knife.

He beckoned them inside to view the appalling scene then smirked: “We’ve had a little argument.”

Police later revealed Dix had sawn off his wife’s limbs and head before cutting out her heart, liver and kidneys using 12 different tools.

The only explanation he could give police was that there had been a row about what to watch on TV.

Redditch-born Hazel, 54, met him in prison when she went to visit her son Adam, who became friendly with the killer while doing time for motoring offences.

At the time Dix was serving a 1980 life term for a brutal murder of another woman, Pia Overbury, 32, who was tied to a tree near her Gloucester home, raped and shot in the head.

Dix managed to convince Hazel and her children he had been framed and married the mum-of-six on his release after a penpal romance.

But their seemingly happy life together ended in horror five years later – and son Adam was tormented by guilt for having introduced them and has nightmare visions of the murder scene.

Lynette told today how her Uncle Adam died “of a broken heart” aged just 39 four years ago.

She said: “Adam never got over seeing his mother in pieces and the man he thought was his friend standing over her with a knife.

“His nightmares got so bad that he was afraid to sleep and started taking speed to keep himself awake.

“Eventually his heart just gave out and he was found dead – he was another of Dix’s victims.”

Ministry of Justice sources said attempts to trace the victims’ family to disclose the death failed because they had moved – and revealed procedures were being reviewed.

A spokesman said: “Every effort was made to contact Hazel Dix’s family but this was unsuccessful. We regret any pain this has caused.”

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