Famous 1970s beer Watneys is heading back to supermarket shelves


Iconic 70s beer brand Watneys is set to return to the supermarket- if its backers can raise the funds.

The notoriously tricky-to-open Party Seven in bulky cans used to be a staple at many a gathering.

However, the Red Barrel bitter quickly fell from favour due to its bland taste.

Three friends have since reinvented it as a craft ale and coined the slogan: ‘We’re back and taste nothing like we used to.’

One of the new brewers Nick Whitehurst told The Sun: ‘It has an amazing past and we are looking to give it an amazing future, too.’

Watneys was founded in 1837 and hit the heights of fame in in the 1970s.

It was endorsed by stars such as Michael Caine who promoted the brand in a 1959 advert.

To the tune of ‘One Man Went to Mow’, the Zulu star drank pale ale with his army comrade drank Watneys brown.

They get caught out by a sergeant who joins them for a drink.

Unfortunately, its unmemorable taste saw the brand disappear in the 80s.

It returned to pubs in 2016 and was made using spare capacity in other craft brewers in London.

Backers are now trying to raise £400,000 to get the ale on supermarket shelves.

Nick said: ‘We’re modern and relevant and have a business model to make Watneys a key brand.’

Watneys three cans are Slapstick – a 7.5 per cent double strength IPA- craft lager Irony and pale ale Sarcasm.


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