Fans in Cleveland who want to be among the first to purchase Guardians merchandise will have to wait, but no one has said why.


Cleveland fans who want to be among the first to purchase Guardians merchandise will have to wait, though no one has explained why.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — You’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on some official Cleveland Guardians gear.

Sales were set to begin at 9 a.m., according to retailers.

Monday, but a short time later, we were informed that the launch had been postponed without explanation.

The new sale date is yet to be determined.

A Cleveland Indians spokesperson declined to comment.

The Cleveland Guardians roller derby team filed a trademark lawsuit against the MLB franchise last month, attempting to prevent the Indians’ name change to Guardians.

In the lawsuit, the roller derby team stated, “There cannot be two ‘Cleveland Guardians’ teams in Cleveland, and, to be blunt, Plaintiff was here first.”

The Parma-based team claims that having two sports teams with the same name in the same city will confuse fans and cause irreparable harm to the smaller, lesser-known team.

In June, the roller derby team said it offered the baseball team the chance to purchase the naming rights.

The offer, however, was “just four figures,” according to the attorney for the roller derby team, and was promptly rejected.

The baseball team’s new name was officially announced one month later, on July 23.

“We have been and continue to be confident in our position to become the Guardians,” the ballclub responded to the lawsuit on Oct.


“We believe the parties’ ability to operate in their respective business areas is unaffected.”

Chris Antonetti, the president of the Cleveland Indians, was recently photographed wearing a shirt with the team’s new “Diamond C” logo at the MLB general managers meetings in California.

The shape of the Guardian statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge inspired the letter mark.

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