Farage branded a ‘national hero’ for saving Brexit and helping Boris CRUSH Corbyn – poll


BORIS JOHNSON scored a thumping victory in Thursday’s general election securing a huge majority of 80 in the House of Commons, but Express.co.uk readers are unanimous in the belief it was Nigel Farage who has actually saved Brexit from complete collapse.

Nigel Farage was one of the biggest losers of the general election, with his Brexit Party failing to win a single seat, despite him insisting he was happy with the party’s “influence” to help Boris Johnson secure a majority. The Conservative Party coasted to victory in the election by winning 364 of the 650 seats available, which was 46 more then the party had won in 2017. The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn suffered a disastrous election, winning just 203 seats in what had been widely believed would be one of the closest-contested general elections in recent history.

The election result marked a significant shift across the country, with the Tories managing to tear down Labour’s so-called “red wall” as voters backed Boris to “Get Brexit Done”.

But, Mr Farage has claimed the Tories’ majority would not exist if he had not made the decision to withdraw 317 Brexit Party candidates from Conservative-held seats.

Now Express.co.uk readers have shouted loud and clear, insisting the huge move from the Eurosceptic actually saved Brexit from total collapse.

In our latest poll, which ran from 11.30am until 8pm on Friday December 6, we asked: ‘Did Nigel Farage save Brexit?’

From the 5,490 readers who cast their vote, a massive 86.6 percent (4,756 readers) believed he had indeed saved the UK’s departure from the EU.

Just 11 percent (604 readers) disagreed, while only 2.4 percent (130 readers) opted for the “don’t know” option.

Express.co.uk readers believe Mr Farage put country before party, in a move that saw off all opposition parties threatening to derail Brexit.

One reader said: “Nigel Farage did save Brexit, by putting a stop to the Lib Dems attempt at a second Referendum before the first Referendum had been implemented.

“The Brexit Party put our country before party, and it paid off.

“Thank you, Nigel – I look forward to putting my weight in favour of the Reform Party in the future.”

A second reader branded the Brexit Party leader a “national hero”, while another said: “Nigel Farage is the best and most successful campaigning politician our great country has ever known.

“He has played an absolute blinder.”

A third reader praised Mr Farage for making the “unselfish gesture” of putting “country before party” to enable Mr Johnson to gain the necessary Parliamentary majority to finally deliver Brexit.

They claimed despite the Brexit Party’s failure to win seats in the election, they have “won the admiration of every Leave voter”.

The reader commented: “Nigel Farage made a hugely principled, honourable and unselfish gesture by putting country before party, to ensure that BoJo had the necessary majority to get Brexit done.

“The Brexit Party may not have won any seats, but they’ve certainly won the admiration and thanks of every Leave voter who were so badly betrayed by the Remain establishment.”

One reader even joked Mr Johnson should give his rival a job as a way of saying thank you for his political sacrifice.

They wrote: “Nigel prevented a hung parliament and Corbyn/SNP coalition. Thanks. Now, Boris give him a good job.”

In his victory speech on the steps of 10 Downing Street, Mr Johnson made a spirited plea to Remainers who still oppose Brexit, urging everyone after three-and-a-half years since the EU referendum in June 2016 to find “closure and let the healing begin”.

He said: “We will work around the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a Parliament that works for you and then I want to speak also to those who did not vote for us or for me and who wanted and perhaps still want to remain in the EU.

“I want you to know that we in this one nation Conservative government will never ignore your good and positive feelings of warmth and sympathy towards the other nations of Europe.

“Because now is the moment, precisely, as we leave the EU, to let those natural feelings find renewed expression in building a new partnership, which is one of the great projects for next year.

“As we work together with the EU, as friends and sovereign equals, tackling climate change and terrorism, in building academic and scientific co-operation, redoubling our trading relationship, I frankly urge everyone, on either side of what are, after three-and-a-half-years, after all an increasingly arid argument, I urge everyone to find closure and let the healing begin.”


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