Fear of a second wave with a new home in China


China announced on Sunday that a rebound of new cases of Covid-19, raising fears of a second wave of the epidemic at a time when several European countries are preparing to reopen their borders, thinking the disease under control.

The chinese authorities have reported 57 new cases of confirmed Covid-19 in 24 hours, of which 36 related to a wholesale market in Beijing, the highest number daily since April. A new cause for concern for the rest of the world, showing the difficulties in controlling a pandemic that continues to rage in Latin America, Iran and South Asia.

Thanks to strict controls, the wearing of the mask and operation of containment, the epidemic was under control in China, where she appeared last year in Wuhan (center).

In the capital, 11 residential areas close to the market have been placed in containment, 24 testing centers open and 10,000 people tested. The authorities have the intention to test 46,000 inhabitants of the area.

“I went to the market, Xinfadi, therefore, I wish to confirm that I’m not infected,” said Guo, a 32-year old woman waiting to be tested.

In total, the Covid-19 has done more 431.193 dead and infected more than 7.85 million people on the planet, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources.

Sign that the pandemic is far from under control, Iran announced on Sunday more than 100 people dead in the Covid-19 in 24 hours, which was more happened since two months and the national balance sheet 8.837 dead.

“It is a virus that is wild and unpredictable, which may surprise us at any moment,” said Sima Sadat Lari, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic in the Middle East.

The pandemic has put a strain on the health systems throughout the world, particularly in India where, according to media reports, many patients die after having been refused by hospitals for lack of beds. More than 1,000 new cases of contamination were recorded every day in New Delhi.

Ashwani Jain, a businessman of New Delhi, 45 years, died in an ambulance, with his daughter, 20-year party in vain in search for a place in one of the hospitals of the metropolis. “It is equal that we live or we die”, she accused.

In India, which registered almost 9,000 deaths and more than 300,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, the bodies are piled up in the morgues, because the staff of the cemeteries and crematoriums can’t keep up with the pace of death.

In neighboring Pakistan, the government has warned that the number of cases of coronavirus (140.000 currently, to around 2,700 deaths) could double by the end of June and over one million at the end of July.

– Europe reopens its borders –

This revival of the cases is then that in Europe, where the disease is in sharp decline, Germany, Belgium, France and Greece are recovering Monday morning, the freedom of movement with all the countries of the european Union. Austria will do the same Monday at midnight.

Spain will advance to the 21st of June, instead of July 1st, the opening of its borders with all the countries of the EU, except the land border with Portugal.

In France, where the coronavirus has made nearly 30,000 people – one of the worst balance sheets in the world, but the number of patients keeps dropping, the president Emmanuel Macron announced a near return to normal Sunday evening after three months of confinement and promised to “learn the lessons” of the crisis. Kindergartens, schools and colleges will resume to full time from 22nd June, for the resumption of economic activity. The cafés and restaurants of the capital will re-open Monday.

In Italy neighbor, who deplores more than 34,000 dead and has re-opened its borders on June 3, two new outbreaks of coronavirus have been detected in recent days in Rome: five deaths and 109 cases of contamination in a hospital, and nine cases in a building to squat.

In the Uk, hard hit, with 36 deaths were reported Sunday, the weakest balance sheet daily since march 21, two days before the confinement.

The epicenter of the pandemic is now in Latin America where, outside of Brazil, the situation is worsening in countries such as Mexico and Chile, however, that in Honduras, the hospital system is “on the verge of collapse,” warned the professor Marco Tulio Medina, from National University.

In Peru, the authorities decided that the inca site of Machu Picchu, high-place of tourism, not be able to accommodate on a daily basis to its re-opening in July that a quarter of the visitors that frequented it before the pandemic.

With a total of 42.720 dead identified Saturday evening, the Brazil is the second country in the most grief-stricken by the Covid-19, behind the United States (115.347 dead for more than two million cases).

European football has found this weekend a degree of normality with the restarting of the competitions in Italy, Spain and elsewhere, after three months of interruption due to the coronavirus. The football stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, Lionel Messi has returned to the stadiums for matches behind closed doors.


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