Fed up woman’s astonishing late-night rant at workers on Sydney’s disastrous light rail project 


A furious woman was filmed screaming at workers on Sydney’s delayed $2.1 billion light rail project in a late night rant, claiming she’s lost her hearing due to the loud noise.

Barefoot and dressed in just her night robe, the woman goes on an expletive-filled rant outside the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, in the eastern suburbs.

The footage, obtained by 7NEWS, shows the woman screaming at construction workers as they attempt to have her move along.

‘I’ve lost my f**king hearing because of you f**kwits,’ she screams.

The workers try to tell the woman she could be injured as she is in a construction zone with no shoes, but she yells over them.

She continues to yell, saying she doesn’t ‘give a s**t’ and has been ‘driven insane’ by all the noise and pollution, which stops her from getting sleep.

‘I’ve rung the construction complaint line more than 100 times. Do I get any satisfaction? No,’ she screams.

The woman claims she was told workers would stop construction, but has seen them continue to work until 4am.

While the construction workers try to calm the woman and apologise to her, they have no luck before the woman screams over them once again.

One worker says he understands the woman’s frustrations and explains that attacking them isn’t going to fix anything.

She continues to scream, saying she’s been ‘living on a construction site for two years’ and is driving her insane.

‘I’m trying to stop people working so I can get some sleep because I’ve been driven insane by the f**king noise and the f**king pollution – the dust, the vibration,’ she yells.

There is currently no clarity as to when the delayed $2.1billion light rail project is set to be completed.

While the light rail is expected to open in December this year, it is only set to carry passengers between Randwick to Circular Quay.

The branch line to Kingsford along Anzac Parade is a long way from completion – early agency reports have hinted work could continue until March of 2020.

It is understood the project, from Sydney’s CBD to eastern suburbs, has cost $2.1 billion.

The original budget was $1.6 billion when major work commenced in October of 2015.

Under the original time frame, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was meant to cut the ribbon on the completed project ahead of the state election in March. 


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