First blood to SNP: Rutherglen and Hamilton West LANDSLIDE hints at BIG NIGHT for Sturgeon


RUTHERGLEN and Hamilton West has been won from Labour by the SNP, providing a huge boost to Nicola Sturgeon’s party who look set to win a record number of seats in Scotland. But the success has put Scotland and the rest of the UK on a “constitutional collision course”, according to the BBC’s Scotland editor.

Rutherglen and Hamilton West was won with a majority of 5,230 and the result has given SNP a huge early confidence boost.  The seat, previously held by the Labour Party, is the first Scottish result to come through.  The official exit poll, published by the BBC at 10pm, predicts the SNP are on course to win a substantial number of seats. 

Margaret Ferrier was elected as the MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, ousting Ged Killen who had won the seat two years ago.

Ms Ferrier represented the area between 2015 and 2017, and has now won the seat back after polling 23,775 votes – giving her a majority of 5,230 over her Labour rival.

She won with a 44.2 percent share of the vote, a surge of 7.2 percent. 

The Labour candidate lost the seat, securing 34.5 percent of the voter share. 

BBC Scottish editor Sarah Smith said the result has boosted confidence among the SNP.

She said: “The SNP will be much cheered by this – they were finding it hard to believe the exit poll.

“But they are now confident their vote is going to go up.

“And where the SNP vote goes up the Conservative vote goes down.

Scotland and the rest of the UK are moving in totally different directions. – we are on a constitutional collision course.”

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Ms Sturgeon tweeted her delight at the result – which was the first to be declared north of the border.

She said: “First Scottish result and first SNP gain of GE19 – massive congratulation to the fantastic Margaret Ferrier in Rutherglen and Hamilton West!”

In the second Scottish constituency to declare, the SNP’s David Doogan defeated Conservative Kirstene Hair, who had won the seat two years ago.


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