Floods disrupt lives of more than 700,000 residents in China’s Guizhou


Rain-triggered floods have affected more than 700,000 people in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, with 29,500 individuals temporarily evacuated, authorities said Saturday.

The provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters on Friday raised the flood prevention emergency response level from Level III to Level II.

Since the beginning of this rainy season, 60 counties, cities and districts of the province have seen flood damage, according to the provincial department of emergency management.

Early Friday, the rainfall in Bifeng Village, Zheng’an County in the city of Zunyi reached a record high of 163.3 mm within one hour, triggering severe floods.

Guizhou has seen average precipitation hit 162.1 mm from May 28, 54.3 percent higher than the level of ordinary years and the highest figure since 1961.


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