‘Food Wars!’ Season 5, Episode 11 Live Stream Details, Spoilers: Soma Takes On Asahi


Soma and Asahi’s cooking battle continues in “Food Wars!” Season 5, Episode 11. After Asahi cooks a dish comprising elements from the five cuisines of the world, it is Soma’s turn to present his dish.

This article contains spoilers

The official synopsis for “Food Wars!” Season 5, Episode 11 teases Soma’s dish. The new episode is titled “The Taste of Failure.” The spoilers suggest Soma is set to cook up a diner dish for the current round against Asahi. It remains to be seen if his dish can stand against his opponent’s.

In the previous episode, Asahi and Soma win several rounds in the BLUE tournament and end up against each other for a cooking battle. The Bookmaster announces the theme of the competition and turns it is one of the toughest themes in the history of BLUE.

There are cuisines known as the Five Grand Cuisines of the World. There are numerous theories about them but, Chinese, French, Indian, Italian and Turkish cooking styles are considered the most impactful.

For the challenge, Soma and Asahi get 180 minutes to cook a dish combining the Five Grand Cuisines and they can use any ingredient they like. The task is to come up with the ultimate cuisine.

Meanwhile, the participants from Totsuki Academy are shocked at how difficult the task is. One of the chefs notes how he managed to combine the three best soups at the BLUE Preliminaries, but it is almost impossible to combine all five of the grand cuisines.  

“Food Wars!” Season 5, Episode 10 showcases Asahi in action as he uses his Crossed Knives and other techniques to cook the ultimate dish. He is confident about beating Soma.

Interestingly, Soma’s diner-style cooking for this round shows how he’s going to apply his mother’s teachings into practice. The new episode will also give a glimpse of Soma’s backstory and how he trained under her mother at their diner. The episode also reveals why Asahi, who is Joichiro’s pupil, hates Soma.

“Food Wars!” Season 5, Episode 11 is scheduled to broadcast Friday. Fans can watch the episode via live streaming on Crunchyroll.


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