Footy fans urge AFL to provide a list of ‘appropriate phrases’


Footy fans have demanded a list of appropriate words that can be yelled during games after supporters were kicked out for sledging officials.

A supporter was thrown out of the Carlton versus Brisbane game on Saturday when he called the umpire ‘a bald-headed flog’. 

Another footy fan was booted from a game in May for calling an umpire a ‘green maggot’. 

Collingwood fan Simon Grech said he was threatened with eviction from the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Monday night for ‘barracking too loud’.

‘I’m not at the ballet, I’m at the footy. I pay $1000 a year… Why should the AFL take my money and then take away my right to support my team?’ Mr Grech told The Age.

The 39-year-old said police approached him during the second half because of his behaviour during the game and told him he needed to ‘tone it down’. 

‘You want me to start fairy clapping? Are we at a cupcake contest?’ Mr Grech said. 

Richmond cheer squad member Brett Beattie said there needs to be clarity over what was now acceptable, as fans were in the dark over the ‘new rules’.

‘What are we allowed to say? Where is the line? We know we can’t abuse umpires, or use foul language but where is the warning?’ he told the Herald Sun.

‘People say it is a family event but it’s not the theatre. If people yell out the wrong thing they get corrected now by the people around them. We had three people taken out of the Richmond-Kangaroos game before quarter time.’

President of the AFL Fans Association Gerry Eeman told 3AW there had been a shift in culture over the past year. 

‘Things that were acceptable to be said at the football last year are clearly not acceptable this year, because people are getting kicked out. 

‘It seems like there’s been an edict, but fans haven’t been told about it.’ 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the AFL for comment. The AFL Umpires Association refused to comment.  


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