For the overdose death of a 3-year-old girl, two men will serve over a decade in prison.


For the overdose death of a 3-year-old girl, two men will serve over a decade in prison.

Logan Starliper’s mother, who is three years old, was well aware that there was a problem in her home.

She confronted her boyfriend, Brian Bennett, about drug use in their home via text message.

“What if Logan had OVERDODED and EATEN before she woke up this morning?” it asked.

Starliper died of methamphetamine and buprenorphine toxicity two months later.

Franklin County District Attorney Matt Fogal’s sentencing memorandum used the text message, along with other details of the case, to argue that Bennett should receive one of the harshest sentences possible.

In September, a Franklin County jury found Bennett and Thomas Keogh guilty of their roles in the death of Starliper.

Bennett was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, and drug charges.

On the most serious charges, third-degree murder and drug delivery with the intent to kill, he was acquitted.

Bennett was sentenced to between 15 and 30 years in prison by Common Pleas judge Angela Krom last week after evaluating Fogal’s memorandum and other evidence in the case, according to Fogal.

The sentence is made up of several charges that are served in order.

Keogh, a Connecticut resident, is suspected of supplying the drugs.

He was found guilty of all charges brought against him, including drug delivery with the intent to kill.

According to Fogal, he was sentenced to between 12 and 24 years in prison.

Brittany Higgins, Starliper’s mother, pleaded no contest in her daughter’s death to third-degree murder.

She agreed to serve 10 to 20 years in state prison, despite the fact that she did not admit guilt.

“No sentence will completely offset this massive loss, though these sentences are a start,” Fogal wrote in his memorandum, which was filed before the sentences were handed down.

While Higgins was present for much of Starliper’s home life, according to Fogal’s sentencing memorandum, Bennett was likely the one most directly connected to her death.

Not only is there a video of Bennett slapping the girl three times in January, according to Fogal.

6th of December, 2018.

Bennett claimed he was “peeking” into her room that day, rather than going inside, to check on her, according to Fogal, before the video was shown.

Google searches were mentioned by Fogal…

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