Former lover of Josh Reynolds’ footy WAG says he was scammed after she faked four funerals


The former lover of a footy WAG who is accused of faking pregnancies to con Josh Reynolds claims he was scammed out of $10,000 when she made up four funerals.

NRL star Reynolds will allege his ex-girlfriend Arabella Del Busso feigned three pregnancies and doctored photos of herself to make him believe she was expecting.

The Wests Tigers playmaker, who appeared in the Sutherland Local Court on Friday for a domestic assault charge, claims the model conned him out of thousands of dollars and tricked him into thinking she miscarried their unborn twins.

Del Busso has accused Reynolds of assaulting her, allegedly leaving her with bruised arms and legs during an incident which was partly filmed in September, allegations which he denies.

Her ex-boyfriend Michael Hayes, a mechanic and nightclub owner, is one of five men who have given statements to Reynolds’ lawyers as they fight his domestic violence charge, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The 36-year-old, from Sanctuary Cove in Queensland, said he met Del Busso on Facebook and he was the last man she dated before beginning her relationship with Reynolds.

‘I fell for her lies because I admit she’s beautiful and she knows it,’ Mr Hayes claimed.

Mr Hayes said they dated for about nine months and claims Del Busso said four people died during a six-month period. 

‘She said her mother had died and she didn’t have money for the funeral – I paid it. Months later another uncle died and another relative, I paid for that funeral too,’ he claimed.

Mr Hayes claims he also lent Del Busso money for the bond for an apartment.  

He was awarded $7866 via a Queensland tribunal in 2019 after suing Del Busso for fraud and obtaining money by deception. 

Leaked footage went viral last month showing a shirtless Reynolds, 30, verbally abusing Del Busso as she sat on his bed. 

It did not show any assault by the Wests Tigers playmaker towards her. 

Reynolds pleaded not guilty to the assault charge. Despite the court proceedings, the NRL has decided Reynolds won’t be stood down, 2GB reported.

It will be alleged in court Del Busso faked three pregnancies, lied about her mother’s death and claimed she had cancer to dupe him and other former boyfriends into giving her money.

Reynolds’ lawyers will allege she only filed her domestic violence complaint after she learned of his decision to tell police about her alleged deceit.

Reynolds’ legal team will allege Del Busso digitally altered photos of herself to appear pregnant, and even went as far to inject herself with fertility drugs to pull off the ruse, The Daily Telegraph reported. 

Although Del Busso claimed to have miscarried in her third trimester, Reynolds alleges he was told not to attend medical appointments and check-ups during the early stages of pregnancy. 

He will allege he saw Del Busso once after the pair met on social media in 2018, only to be told three months later she was pregnant with twins. 

The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, Del Busso told him, but she soon claimed she was once again pregnant with twins. 

She then suffered yet another miscarriage – which he addressed to the public last year.    

Reynolds’ legal team will allege Del Busso was never pregnant on any of those occasions, saying they have medical documentation to prove it.  

Six men who had relationships with Del Busso are expected to support his defence.

Another witness is reported to have provided a statement claiming Del Busso had asked for help with injecting fertility drugs – to which the witness declined. 

Sutherland Local Court heard on Friday that 10 witnesses will be called to give evidence at the trial in April, including Del Busso.

Outside court, Reynolds simply said: ‘I’m happy the matter’s been brought forward to prove my innocence.

Del Busso’s sister Georgia Barone has denied the allegations and has insisted the pregnancies were real.  

Reynolds announced he was expecting twins by sharing footage of his gender-reveal on social media in December 2018, and said the parents-to-be had set up a nursery. 

A video posted to his Instagram page showed Reynolds throwing a West Tigers branded rugby ball covered in spikes at a balloon filled with party confetti.

The athlete would then inform his followers months later that Del Busso suffered a miscarriage.  

‘It’s made me deal with something in life that I never thought I’d have to deal with,’ he said at the time. 

‘I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited. That was something in life I’ve always wanted but I’ve sort of had to go along the lines that everything happens for a reason. It’s the saddest thing ever.’    

Del Busso’s mother and a former boyfriend allege the model has been lying about her identity for years.  

Del Busso’s mum, Isobel Preusker, told 9News her daughter’s real name is Donna Preusker – and claims she’s gone by fake names including Belladonna Di Donato, Bella Melbourne, and Donna Barcelona.

A former boyfriend from Sydney, who wished to remain anonymous, said he knew Del Busso as Belladonna Di Donato, and had given her thousands of dollars she claimed she needed for cancer treatment. 

‘She told me she had cervical cancer. I gave her about $2,500 to $3,000 for her treatment,’ he told Nine News. 

Del Busso is also alleged to have had a medical certificate stating she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. 

Reynolds’ defence team will claim the certificate was fake.     

Reynolds was also reported to have given her more than $4,000 after she allegedly claimed her mother had died and needed money for funeral expenses.   

The bombshell allegations come after the ugly video of the pair was beamed around Australia last month.   

In the clip, the footballer is filmed saying she ‘scared the f*** out of me’ and is seen asking her to leave. 

Agitated Reynolds says: ‘Can you get out. Of my house. I want you out now. I want you out now or I’m going to f***ing flip it.’

The West Tigers released a statement saying they were aware the video was doing the rounds online.  

A spokesman said: ‘Both Josh and Wests Tigers have previously alerted NSW Police and the NRL Integrity Unit as to this matter and will continue to work closely with them as required.’  


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