Former Nissan chief vows to cooperate with Lebanese judicial system


BEIRUT, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) — Former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn vowed on Thursday to cooperate “fully” with the Lebanese judiciary system, LBCI TV channel reported.

“I feel very good about the Lebanese judiciary system, much better than I was feeling about the Japanese judicial system,” Ghosn said following his interrogation.

“Remarks by Japanese justice minister about me are ridiculous,” he said, adding that there exist a lot of victims in Japanese prisons.

Japanese Justice Minister Masako Mori said on Thursday that Ghosn’s accusations against Japan’s legal system are “absolutely intolerable.”

Ghosn accused the Japanese legal system a day earlier of being unfair, adding that he was being treated brutally by prosecutors in Tokyo.

Ghosn arrived in Beirut from Japan by the end of last month to escape what he called “an unfair justice system.”

Nissan accused Ghosn last year of understating his salary while he was the chief executive, and transferring 5 million U.S. dollars of Nissan funds to an account in which he had an interest.

Ghosn held a press conference on Wednesday in Beirut, denying all accusations issued by Nissan against him while vowing to fight to prove his innocence until the end.


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