Four candidates to run for International Ski Federation president


TOKYO, May 6 (Xinhua) — The International Ski Federation (FIS) announced on Thursday that four candidates will run for the FIS Presidency.

The FIS said in a statement that as of the deadline of May 5, 2021, it has received a total of four applications to be candidates.

Britain’s Sarah Lewis, nominated by the Royal Belgian Federation, was the last to enter the race. She served as secretary general of FIS for 20 years before being removed from the role last October.

She will be joined by Swedish billionaire Johan Eliasch, put forward by GB Snowsport, Swedish Olympic Committee President and FIS vice-president Mats Arjes, and Urs Lehmann, a former men’s world downhill champion.

The election will be held at the FIS Congress General Assembly, which is due to take place remotely on June 4.

“In the next days, FIS will undertake a full background check and review all documents from each candidate and confirm their eligibility to serve as the FIS President,” said a statement.

It said that each presidential candidate will have the opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation to the General Assembly. Enditem


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