France – A fire in an apartment building in Marseille claimed two lives


A child of eleven years old and her grandmother died in a fire of a building of a city popular for Marseille on Sunday in the late afternoon.

70 firefighters were mobilized Sunday. (Illustrative Image)


A fire that broke out in a building of a city popular of Marseille has killed two people, a child of eleven years old, and his grand-mother, has it learned Sunday evening at the city hall. Another person has been seriously injured.

This fire, which occurred in the city of Laurel (13th arrondissement) shortly after 18: 00, in a building of 13 floors, was badly burned a woman in her sixties, said the mayor of Marseille in a press release, confirming information of “Provence”.

“The fire started in the stairwell, the fumes have destroyed a lot of apartments, and pipes were melted, resulting in water damage”, told AFP the sailors firemen of Marseilles, who have committed 20 engines and 70 firefighters on the disaster. With the assistance of the fire department, a fifty police officers present have evacuated the inhabitants of the building, and started to perform relocations. According to the mayor, 26 families were taken care of immediately and relocated as early as Sunday evening.


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