France suggests that the UK travel ban will be eased soon, as countries that may FINALLY reopen to British citizens are revealed.


France suggests that the UK travel ban will be eased soon, revealing a list of countries that may FINALLY open their doors to Brits.

FRANCE has hinted that its travel ban on Britons will be eased in the near future, as a growing number of countries indicate that Britons will soon be welcomed.

Despite more than 330,000 new Covid cases reported locally, French ministerial cabinet members have agreed to lift restrictions preventing some Brits from entering the country.

According to Gabriel Attal, a spokesperson for the French government, essential workers can now travel to France.

After the “list of compelling reasons, notably professional,” was extended, he acknowledged that this will come as a relief to many people looking to visit France on a working basis.

Many people are still waiting to hear when the rules for tourists will be changed.

On December 16, France announced a travel ban, stating that all visitors must have an “essential reason to travel to, or come from, the United Kingdom, both unvaccinated and vaccinated.”

This did not include travel for pleasure or work at the time.

While countries gradually remove restrictions, pre-departure testing will be phased out on Sunday, making it easier to enter the United Kingdom.

Travelers have been able to return to the UK without needing a Covid test since Friday, as long as they are vaccinated.

The isolation rule, which required newcomers to remain isolated until their day two test results were received, has also been abolished.

As the UK relaxes its expectations of visitors in the wake of the Omicron outbreak, the chances of holiday plans going ahead are increasing.

Almost two years after the pandemic began, British citizens are still barred from entering a number of countries, pending a better understanding of the risks.

After imposing strict rules before Christmas, Germany has recently reopened to British visitors.

Vaccinated British citizens with proof of vaccination can now enter the country.

Unvaccinated British citizens and residents are only permitted to enter Germany if they are German citizens or residents, are married to a German citizen or resident, or have an urgent need to travel.

Brits who are not fully vaccinated but wish to enter Germany must show proof of a negative Covid test result.

After that, they must spend 10 days in quarantine, with the option of testing and releasing after five days.

France has confirmed that travel restrictions for British citizens will be eased.

However, no date has been set for the lifting of the restrictions.

Only British citizens traveling for business or pleasure are currently permitted to visit France, regardless of vaccination status.

Travellers who need to see a dying relative, for example, must present a negative PCR or antigen test result obtained within 24 hours of departure.

You must isolate for 48 hours after arriving, after which you must…

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