Fresh ball-tampering claims rock Adam Zampa and the Australian cricket team


The Australian cricket team has been rocked by fresh claims of ball tampering after spin bowler Adam Zampa was seen with an object in his hands at the Cricket World Cup.

Zampa was bowling against India at The Oval in London on Sunday when pictures appeared to show a white object in his hands while he was holding the ball.

Fans were quick to accuse Zampa of ball tampering in tweets and posts online, with one saying it looked ‘fishy’. 

But captain Aaron Finch dismissed the accusations and said Zampa simply carries hand warmers in his pockets. 

The incident comes more than a year after Cameron Bancroft was caught using sandpaper to tamper with the ball during a Test match against South Africa.

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The sandpapergate scandal led to Bancroft and then captain and vice captain Steve Smith and David Warner being banned from the game. 

In one clip from the game against India, which Australia lost by 36 runs, Zampa can be seen moving a white object from his left pocket to his right.

In the 24th over, the leg spinner is then seen putting his hand in his right pocket before appearing to rub something against the ball.

Finch was quick to dismiss any allegations of ball tampering.

‘I haven’t seen the photos, but I know that he has hand warmers in his pocket,’ he said.

‘He has them every single game he plays. I honestly haven’t seen them, so I can’t comment too much on it. But I know for a fact that he has hand warmers every game.’

Smith and Warner are making their return to the Australian side at the World Cup in England, following their year-long bans. 

They have faced chants calling them ‘cheaters’ from the crowds in England, with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli saying the abuse is disappointing.

Smith came under fire from the crowd at The Oval on Sunday as he jogged towards the boundary, with fans chanting: ‘Cheater, cheater, cheater.’

Smith had been jogging towards the boundary before outraged fans ridiculed the former Australian captain from the stands at Kennington Oval in London on Sunday. 

Kohli quickly intervened and waved to the crowd to get their attention, gesturing to his fans to clap and applaud at his opponent in an act of goodwill.

‘What’s happened has happened like long back, the guy is back, he’s trying to play well for his side,’ Kohli said after the game.

‘Even in the IPL I saw him, it’s not good to see someone down like that, to be honest.

‘I just felt for him, and I told him, “I’m sorry on behalf of the crowd”.

‘Because I’ve seen that happen in a few earlier games, as well, and in my opinion that’s not acceptable.’ 




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