Friends on trip to France open back of van to find migrants hidden inside asking: ‘In England?’ 


A group of friends found a grinning migrant and his son in the back of their van during a trip to France who wrongly thought they’d just arrived in England.

Video footage shows the moment the back doors are opened to find the beaming Afghan father asking: ‘In England?’

But Charlie Cox, 23, an engineer from Stroud, Gloucestershire, said he had to disappoint the pair and tell them they were in Loon-Plage, near Dunkirk, in northern France.

Mr Cox and five friends were on their way to a motocross track in the area and the migrants were squeezed in behind one of their motorbikes. 

The video shows Mr Cox and his friends shouting ‘come on’ and ‘what are you doing?’ as the pair climb out of the van.

One adds: ‘Nice try though.’

Mr Cox said they hung around for about five minutes before walking off in disappointment when they realised they weren’t in the Britain.

‘They looked pretty devastated,’ he said. ‘They were now in the middle of nowhere.’

Mr Cox said he thought they may have got in the van when they stopped for coffee at a supermarket in Dunkirk. 

He said: ‘We’d just gone to grab a coffee and were in for about half an hour.

‘We’ve come out, got back in the van, and driven about 20 minutes to the track.

‘I’ve gone to get my bike out and opened the side door, and there are two immigrants in there.

‘They had done something to the rear lock on the door and got in that way.

‘They thought they were in England.

‘I think they saw the GB on the car at the supermarket and thought that they would take their chances on it going to England.

‘They were in there with us for about 20 minutes and didn’t hear them – we didn’t at all.

‘We heard a thud when we broke heavily but we thought it was the bike hitting the bulkhead.

‘Their English was pretty terrible but he smiled at me and said, “In England?”

‘It looked like a father and son.

‘I asked him, why did you want to come here? And he said he had family here.

‘They were quite well presented. Obviously they were staying somewhere with a roof over their heads.’ 

The friends had all been on a week-long biking holiday across Europe.





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