From an Emirates cabin crew member, here are some tips for keeping kids happy on a flight.


From an Emirates cabin crew member, here are some tips to keep kids happy on a flight.

Laura Hannah, a native of Ayrshire, Scotland, who has worked for the airline for over six years, offers expert advice.

After being confined to the UK for a long time, many families are planning their first overseas trips in months.

As travel appears to be on the upswing, Emirates, the world’s largest airline, has compiled a list of helpful hints for families flying with babies or young children.

Laura Hannah, a cabin crew member from Ayrshire, Scotland, has been with Emirates for more than six years and offers expert advice.

The 32-year-old’s travel advice is as follows:

When it comes to airline reservations,

If you think your kids will sleep through a late flight or an overnight flight, think again.

With all the excitement and noise, they might not, and you’ll be even more exhausted.

Plan your flight to coincide with mealtimes or naps to reduce the risk of public tantrums.

To avoid sleep-deprived meltdowns on the plane, make sure a child gets a good night’s sleep before a morning flight.

Select your seats carefully.

Bulkhead seats have no seat in front of them, so no one can recline into your space, giving your kids more space to play.

Consider the advantages of being seated near the restrooms.

This makes toilet trips with kids a lot easier, and on non-full flights, the back third of the plane is usually less crowded.

Prior to boarding,

For children, security screening can be perplexing, as they must load their valuables onto a conveyor belt and be separated from their parents to go through the scanner.

Make an effort to tell them what to expect ahead of time.

Do you want to board the plane first or last?

Despite the fact that many airlines give families priority boarding, some parents prefer to board last in order to reduce the amount of time they spend on the plane.

If you have multiple children or a lot of carry-on luggage, boarding first and taking your time to settle into your seats can alleviate the stress of trying to sort through a lot of bags and small children while everyone is watching.

While on the ship,

Allow your children to enjoy the onboard entertainment.


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