From the gym to your windows, there are six ways to recycle silica gel pads.


From the gym to your windows, there are six ways to repurpose silica gel pads.

If you open a box and find a silica gel pack inside, keep it handy and don’t throw it away because it has multiple uses, whether you’re having condensation issues or need to keep your bag smelling fresh.

Over the years, many of us have purchased items that came with small white packs.

These are labeled ‘Silica Gel,’ and they come with a warning not to eat them and to throw them away.

So, like most people, we throw them away and forget about them, but it turns out that these small packs can be quite useful.

Which? posted on their Facebook page six ways to reuse your silica gel pads instead of throwing them away.

So here’s how to repurpose silica gel pads for everything from DIY home hacks to gym use.

To avoid rusting, Which? recommends keeping a few packs of the gel in your toolbox.

Make sure the container has a lid if you’re going to do this.

The same is true for your beauty necessities.

To keep your razor blades from rusting, simply keep them in a box next to it.

If you do this, make sure the container has a lid.

It’s also appropriate for gym-goers.

Consumer experts suggest that people put them in their gym bag to keep their clothes and workout bag smelling fresh.

Condensation on windows is a common problem for many people, especially during the winter.

To get rid of them, simply place them on your window sill to collect any excess moisture.

Adding the packs to your folder will keep all of your documents – and photos – safe.

Do you have any green fingers?

To keep the mould at bay, combine the gel packs with your seed packs.

Just keep them out of the reach of children and pets at all times!

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