Fury as landlord offers single bed in kitchen for £700-a-month & says they would ‘like tenant that is Asian and veggie’


A LANDLORD has sparked fury after allegedly offering a single bed in a KITCHEN for £700-a-monthand saying that they would prefer tenants that are “Asian and vegetarian”.

Vice writer Joel Golby spotted the “small furnished flat” in Harrow, London on Gumtree and claimed that prospective tenants were “paying £700 to sleep in someone else’s flat”.

The writer, known for spotting the capital’s worst rent deals, slammed the listing after noticing that tenants would be entering through a “separate entrance” at the back door.

They wrote: “You’ll see that this is actually the kitchen to someone else’s flat (that they have access to via the fire door), and you are sleeping in it. 

“This is someone else’s kitchen. You are paying £700 to sleep in someone else’s kitchen.”

According to the Gumtree listing, the property is located just a short walk away from Harrow and Wealdstone station and carries a steep price tag of £700pm with bills and wifi included.

You are paying £700 to sleep in someone else’s kitchen

The tiny room is advertised as suitable for one or with a partner.

Pictures of the property show the landlord making full use of the tiny space, with a wardrobe shoved in next to a door alongside a miniature fridge.

The landlord also claims that you can also swap the single bed for a double – though its unclear how this would happen in the tiny space offered.

The listing, which went live on July 4, says that they also hope to find a tenant in just two weeks.

And it isn’t the first time that landlords in London have been accused of offering suspiciously small properties, after one was caught trying to rent out a tiny property that used to be a caretaker’s storeroom.


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