Galaxy S11 release may offer one unexpected surprise for Samsung fans


SAMSUNG looks set to unleash its new Galaxy S11 early next year and there could be one very big surprise for fans of these popular devices.

Samsung is almost certain to announce a new phone in the next few months with many expecting the successor to the Galaxy S10 to be revealed in the first part of 2020. In fact, one leak has suggested the Korean firm will unleash its next generation of smartphones to the world on February 18 at one of its famous Unpacked events in San Francisco.

If Samsung follows its usual pattern the new device should be called the Galaxy S11 but a recent post on social media, by a top technology tipster, is casting a little doubt over this name.

In a surprising twist, IceUniverse is speculating that the next phone to join the range could, in fact, be called the Galaxy S20.

Making the prediction on Twitter the renowned leaker simply said: “Galaxy S20. Next year is 2020, and 20 is a new beginning.”

If true, this would mark a huge change in direction from Samsung who has always continued to release devices in numerical order.

Although Ice Universe has got things right in the past most other rumours are sticking with the concept that the next Galaxy will be called the S11 and we think that is the most likely name for this new phone.

To suddenly switch to a number like the S20 would be a strange decision and even Ice Universe has recently contradicted the original Twitter post.

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In a more recent social media post, the leakster has uploaded images of a screen protector with the words Galaxy S11 written all over them.

Luckily, it seems there might not be too long until we find out full details and this new device from Samsung could bring plenty of new features and bonus extras to the brand.

There’s no official word on what will feature on the S11 but it’s expected that it will get a faster processor, bigger battery and a refreshed design.

And there’s also plenty of speculation that a massive upgrade is coming to the rear camera.

Samsung has codenamed its next snapper “Hubble” after the largest space telescope ever launched and there could be a good reason why it’s getting this comparison.

The Korean company is rumoured to be looking to incorporate a quadruple rear camera with a giant 5x optical zoom to the next entry in its flagship Galaxy S series.

And this device is likely to follow in the footsteps of other Android manufacturers and offer software-enhancements on top of this to add even greater zoom.

If the zoom capabilities alone aren’t enough to justify the lofty Hubble codename, the fact Samsung is tipped to include a 108-megapixel sensor in the set-up should surely do the trick.

We’ll have to wait and see if a February launch becomes a reality and if that date is correct we should hear something official in the coming weeks.


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