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Gareth Bale and wife Emma avoid returning to Cardiff after her family’s drugs drama


GARETH Bale and wife Emma plan to avoid their native Cardiff amid feuds engulfing her family.

Her relatives are said to be “in tatters” over a drugs saga and other domestic issues.

She and Gareth, 31, will instead stay around London with their three kids during his Spurs loan.

Emma’s glamour model cousin Epiphany Dring, 32, is said to have fallen foul of a cartel in 2016 after a bag containing cash, drugs and jewellery went missing.

The Bales, who married last year in Majorca, could switch a family wedding party to London amid fears it will be targeted.

A source said: “The problems have died down but they haven’t gone away.

The gang are not just going to let the money go. There are fears they are biding their time.

That’s why Gareth and Emma will be staying away.”

The source also said one of Emma’s family was allegedly beaten in a domestic incident and another broke into a relative’s home.

The Bales are back in England after the £650,000-a-week star’s loan move from Real Madrid, where he has played since 2013.

The source added: “Emma is flying into a bit of a s***-storm.”

A spokesman for Bale refused to comment.

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