Gavin and Stacey Christmas special 2019: What really happened on the fishing trip?


GAVIN AND STACEY Christmas special 2019 aired today on BBC One and there was a moment of hope that we would finally find out what happened on the fishing trip. Sadly, viewers were left more in the dark than ever. However, Rob Brydon and Robert Wilfort spoke to press including about that fishing trip storyline.

After a decade of waiting, Gavin and Stacey returned to screens today (Wednesday, December 25). The series saw Gavin (played by Matthew Horne) and Stacey (Joanna Page), alongside their friends and family, spend Christmas Day in Wales. Ahead of the episode, fans had their fingers crossed hoping they would finally find out what happened between Uncle Bryn (Rob Brydon) and Jason (Robert Wilfort) on that infamous finishing trip.

What really happened on the fishing trip?

Tonight, Gavin and Stacey fans were so close to finding out what really happened on the fishing trip.

As Gavin, Stacey and their families enjoyed dessert on Christmas Day, things got awkward when Smithy’s new girlfriend Sonia (Laura Aikman) asked about the notorious fishing trip.

Since the first series in 2007, Gavin and Stacey fans know a mysterious and horrifying incident took place between Byrn and his nephew Jason on a fishing trip, that destroyed their relationship.

For 12 years, all viewers have known was the incident involved them both being on their knees, whatever happened occurred because it was cold and it is legal in the UK.

Very vague clues about the fishing trip have been dropped throughout the series.

Thanks to Dave (Steffan Rhodri) in the 2008 Christmas special, viewers learnt it ‘defies the laws of gravity’ and has something to do with soup.

Dave also said to Bryn when he saw him drinking soup: “Seeing you standing there with the soup sets my mind racing”

At Gavin and Stacey’s wedding repletion, Jason gave away some more clues.

He said to Bryn: “I never told anyone, you know. And besides, it wasn’t a big deal. Lots of people do it, it’s not against the law.”

However, Bryn replied: “Jason please, how can I ever forget that look on your face?”

As the series progressed from 2007 until 2010, the fishing trip has got harder to understand but unfortunately, the Christmas special only made things more tricky for fans to decode.

The 2019 Christmas special saw Bryn and Jason almost reveal to their family was really happened.

The scene saw Bryn and Jason repeat the previous clues with Gwen, Stacey, Smithy, Pam and Mick begging for them not to speak about it.

Sadly, viewers were no closer to finding out what happened on that day.

As it turns out, Rob Brydon and Robert Wilfort who play Bryn and Jason respectively do not know what happened either.

Brydon told press in London, including “I don’t know is the honest answer. They’ve never told me.”

Speaking about playing Jason and the fishing trip storyline, Wilfort said: “He’s very happy I think. I like to think he’s still with Jose from the first series. They’ve got a couple of dogs. He is doing all right.

“Yeah, he comes back every year. And I think that’s lovely. Because of I kind of feel that with my family I’ve moved away from Wales.

“I was thinking Jason, apart from the fishing trip stuff, Jason always feels a little bit to me like he’s kind of the audience sometimes he kind of comes back in and watches everyone being quite mad and goes ‘I’ve missed you all. And you’re all back’.”

Brydon opened up about how difficult it was to keep the Christmas special a secret.

He said: “I didn’t think we would [do any more episodes]because it had gone out on a high and then Ruth was doing Stella with her production company and James was off in America, so it was just logistically they can’t do it.

“But then like Larry [Lamb] said, once we knew it was gonna happen, I was touring Australia and they love it there.

“So I was getting asked all the time, ‘Will there be more?’ and it was harder wasn’t it then because then you’re lying to people.

“Because I’d be going ‘No, I don’t think so’ and I had to now go ‘No, I don’t think there will be.’ I thought they could see it in my face that I was lying.”

What really happened on the fishing trip?


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