General election polling station closing times: What time does YOUR polling station CLOSE?


GENERAL ELECTION 2019 is now officially underway, as polls opened this morning to flocks of voters waiting to cast their ballot. What time does your polling station close?

General election polling stations are now open, as the British public started voting this morning from 7am. Most people are expected to come to the polls today, with millions hoping to vote in the Brexit election.

What time does your polling station close?

Polling stations opened all over the country this morning at 7am.

They will remain open for the next 15 hours, closing at 10pm for vote counting to begin.

The opening and closing times for polling stations remain uniform across the UK, with no variation.

While polling stations are only open to a certain point, some people will be able to vote later on.

The sheer number of expected voters means it is likely people will crowd outside and queue in the evening before the polls close.

As such, there could be a line of people waiting to vote by 10pm today, some of whom may fear they won’t get the chance to cast their ballot.

However, according to the Electoral Commission, people in line at 10pm must be allowed to vote.

People voting by post must also make sure their vote is at their local election office by 10pm today.

Those who feel they cannot make it into the polling station on election day can register for a proxy vote, but the deadline is before 10pm.

According to, people who can’t make it out of the house today can apply for an emergency proxy vote.

Proxy voting empowers someone close to the absent voter to cast their ballot for them.

Only those who did not know they would be out of the country or unable to leave home after December 5 can make the application.

Those who have fallen sick must have their application supported by:

– A registered medical practitioner (dentist, optician, GP, pharmacist or psychologist)

– A registered health professional

– A registered nurse

All emergency applications must be made by 5pm today.

Once the polls close at 10pm, the first results of the election will begin to trickle in.

The first sign of a winner will come via exit poll, collated by researchers who ask voters about their decision immediately after passing their ballot.

The BBC, ITV and Sky commission the poll, released as polling station doors close.

Some 144 constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales, chosen to best demographically represent the UK, make up the results.

What time does your polling station close?


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