George Russell Wins Virtual Grand Prix Finale Race Ahead Of Championship Season


Williams “Formula 1” driver George Russell has claimed the fourth successive victory in the virtual Grand Prix Finale on Sunday. It was the last race before the real season starts in July.

Russell proved he’s unstoppable at the front during the virtual version of Canada’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This time he managed to beat rival Alex Albon from Red Bull by six seconds on the road. And that translated to 15 seconds once three-time penalties were factored.

Considering Ferrari driver, Charles LeClerc was not taking part in the finale, Russell had an edge in the points standings. His win gave him the unofficial crown.

Russell had struggled but failed to get to the podium during the 2019 season, which was his first with Williams. He claimed that the virtual series has been great as it has kept drivers entertained. The drivers are competitive, and it has kept them busy.

LeClerc, who was racing during the virtual 24 hours of Le Mans for Ferrari, had led the standings following two consecutive wins before Russell rose to the challenge.

According to the ESPN news site, Albon mentioned that Russell had become extremely quick. Russell issued an offer to slow down during a race so he could catch up and make it more entertaining. Albon refused and came in second place. Esteban Gutierrez came in the third position for Mercedes, while Caio Collet went in the fourth position for Renault.

Russell tweeted that it may not be the real thing, but it had been a buzz battling for wins as he had missed the feeling.

“Formula 1’s return during the Austrian Grand Prix is unlikely to be anticipated for Russell, considering Williams has been playing catch after two seasons at the back of the field. The team’s future has also been ruled as uncertain with rumors of its sale.

Following a promising pre-season in February, the team is optimistic it will have a competitive 2020. That is even if a repeat of the Esports win by Russell is not very likely.


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