Ghislaine Maxwell hid $10million at JPMorgan – the same bank that was warned over too-cosy relationship with Epstein


GHISLAINE Maxwell reportedly hid at least $10million in accounts at JPMorgan Chase – the same bank that was warned about its relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The New York-based bank was reportedly warned by compliance officers in 2008 that its dealings with the shamed financier could damage its reputation.

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Maxwell is said to have stashed cash with the bank which was then handled by a team of several dozen managers and advisers, reports Bloomberg.

She reportedly had money in accounts at JPMorgan until at least 2015, the same year she faced civil litigation over her links to Epstein.

The 58-year-old British socialite’s finances have come under scrutiny after she was denied bailed and faces trial next year for sex crimes.

Lawyers argued her “opaque” finances meant she was a flight risk – with it being unclear “how many millions of dollars she has”.

JPMorgan were the same bank known to be used by Epstein, who kept part of his vast fortune – estimated to be around $559million – with them until at least 2013.

Compliance officers reportedly recommended that the bank dump him in 2009 after he was first convicted of sex crimes.

JPMorgan asset management chief Mary Callahan Erdoes is claimed to have overruled them to keep Epstein.

The New York Times reported that it was because Epstein was key in recruiting new clients for the private unit at the bank.

However, a JPMorgan spokesman said Ms Erdoes would “never” overrule compliance officers after the report emerged last August.

Ms Erodes was said to have only met Epstein once, when he was finally dumped from the bank.

Maxwell was arrested earlier this month at a mansion in New Hampshire – with claims she had been hiding out with three passports.

It has been claimed Maxwell – daughter of disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell – had at least  15 separate bank accounts with a total of at least $20million that funded a jet-set lifestyle.

Prosecutors claimed her huge fortune gave her an “extraordinary incentive to flee” as well as the means and money to do so.

Money frequently flowed in and out of her accounts and the current balance is not stated in court papers.

Court papers claimed she had made at least 15 international flights in the last three years to locations including the UK, Japan, and Qatar.

Prosecutors said Maxwell went to great lengths to conceal her whereabouts and was hiding out mostly in New England, US.

She is said to have used the name “G Max” and “Jen Marshall” – and is also reportedly married, with rumours her hubby is millionaire Scott Borgerson.

Maxwell faces four charges related to transporting minors for illegal sexual acts, and two for perjury in depositions about her role in Epstein’s abuses. 

She has been described as Epstein’s “pimp” or “madam” who would be in charge of recruiting young girls for him to abuse.

Pleading not guilty, Maxwell has always denied any involvement in the millionaire’s crimes – with her lawyers claiming she is a scapegoat following Epstein’s death last August.

However, she faces a year in prison until her trial next July – sobbing in court as she was denied bail.

Her lawyers filed a letter this week complaining to US District Judge Alison Nathan about “prejudicial statements” made about the case, reports ABC News.

Maxwell’s lawyer Jeffrey Pagliuca urged the judge to impose a gag order, punishable by contempt, “to prevent further unwarranted and prejudicial pretrial publicity.”

And since her arrest, it has been claimed Maxwell could use what she knows about Epstein’s famous pals to cut a deal with prosecutors.

JPMorgan declined to comment when contacted by The Sun Online.


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